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特定商取引法に基づく表示 Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Service name: CRAVITON
Company name: CRAVITON Corp.
Business Administrator: TAKAYOSHI HOSOKAWA
Address: 212 San Patio Takadanobaba
3-1-5 Takadanobaba Shinjiku-ku Tokyo-to
Phone number: 03-6908-8663
Fax number: 03-6908-8023
Products sold: Sake, beverages, food products, items for drinking / tableware etc.
Permit and Licenses: All Alcohol Wholesale license; General Alcohol Retail License; Delivery Alcohol Retail License
Fees for use of this website: Membership registration is free.
Upon purchase, please pay the total price for all products and shipping fees.
Upon choosing the bank transfer payment option, please pay the bank transfer handling charge.
Upon choosing the deferred payment option, please pay the deferred payment handling charge (432 yen).
All product prices listed on this website include tax.
Shipping fees: Excluding one part, all products purchased from this website will be delivered directly from the makers (sake breweries, wineries, food companies, pottery and drinking items wholesalers).
Therefore, for example, we ask a customer purchasing from more than one sake brewery in one order to pay the shipping fee for each sake brewery.
Furthermore, we ask those requesting delivery to isolated islands or refrigerated delivery to pay a separate shipping fee.
In terms of the details concerning shipping fees, please check each product's details page, written by region.
Ordering products: Products with a blue shopping cart mark above right of their product image can be purchased.
However, in the unlikely event that a product goes out of stock or becomes sold out after an order, we will get in touch immediately.
Cancellations: Customers cannot cancel or change their orders after submission. Please be understanding of this in advance.
In the event of delivery of wrong products, damaged / stained products, or defective products, please contact us within 7 days of the arrival of the delivery.
Please send your inquiry by email ( or call us (dedicated number for inquiries: 03-6908-8123).
We will exchange the product. However, if over 7 days has passed since the arrival of the product, returns, repayments, and exchanges will not be possible.
Further, if the product has been opened, returns, repayments, and exchanges will not be possible.
Products bought from this website have no legal cooling off systems for designated business transactions.
Inquiries: [Inquiry form]
If contacting us by email, please write your name, telephone number, address, order number, matter of inquiry, and such details.
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  • Credit card
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