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個人情報保護方針 Privacy Policy

Enactment date: June 19th, 2013
Representative: AIKO HIROTA

CRAVITON holds full responsibility of keeping the privacy of those signing up for CRAVITON (the “Users”), and we will manage and maintain the User’s personal information with caution and care (following the definition written below).

Personal Information

Personal information refers to the User’s information, in which Users can be identified by name, address, phone number, email address and other related information.
Even if the User cannot be identified by only the information mentioned above, it could be compared to other information, and information that can eventually result in distinguishing from one User to another counts as personal information.

Use of Personal Information

The information that you provide to CRAVITON will be used for contacting members and for the management of members.We will not use the information for other purposes.

Consent for Providing Personal Information

If necessary information is not provided in the membership sign-up process, you will not be able to obtain membership.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Other Parties

We will not disclose user’s personal information to other parties without the consent of the User. However, in the following cases, we may disclose the User’s personal information without the User’s consent, which would not go against the related law and regulations.

  1. In cases when the other party is at the disadvantage of the User.
  2. In cases when the personal information is necessary for promoting the betterment of public health and/or for the wholesome nurturing of the youth, and when obtaining consent from the User is difficult.
  3. In cases when a national organization, a local public body and/or person who is in consignment of such entities requires us to release the personal information for their dutiful purposes, and obtaining consent from the User could hinder their duties.
  4. In cases when the Court of Justice, the Public Prosecutors Office, the Police, the Bar Association, the Consumer Center, or other organizations with such authority, requires the release of personal information.
  5. In cases when the User herself or himself explicitly demands the release of their personal information to other parties.
  6. In cases when the release of personal information is allowed by law.
  7. In cases when CRAVITON makes a decision based on logical reasons that it is necessary for providing service for other Users.

The Extent of the Other Party

In the following cases, those receiving disclosure of personal information would not be identified as an other party / a third party.

  1. 1. In cases when CRAVITON entirely, or partially consigns the handling of personal information for its business purposes. (The responsibility for the use of personal information by the consignee falls upon CRAVITON.)
  2. 2. In cases when personal information is disclosed upon CRAVITON’s mergence or other cases leading to the succession of CRAVITON’s business to another entity.

Disclaimer Concerning Disclosure to Other Parties

In the following cases, CRAVITON does not hold responsibility for the disclosure of personal information to other parties.

  1. In cases when the User herself or himself uses CRAVITON’s utility and/or other methods to disclose their personal information to specific organizations.
  2. In cases when the activity information and/or information inputted by other Users leads to unexpected identification.
  3. In cases when the User discloses one’s personal information to other websites directly linked with CRAVTION, and thereby gets used.
  4. In cases when other Users obtain information that can identify the User (i.e. ID, passwords).

Outsourcing Personal Information Management

In certain cases, CRAVITON may outsource some or all management concerning personal information.

Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Personal Information

  1. 1. In accordance to regulations, personal information can only be disclosed, corrected, and suspended by the User himself/herself. For specific instructions, please contact us.
  2. 2. When receiving a request to disclose personal information and when the information is incorrect and requested for correction, as long as we can verify that it is the User himself/herself requesting, we will act within reasonable extent (extent necessary for completing business purposes).

Validity of Personal Information

CRAVITON will manage the personal information data in a rightful manner.
However, it is the User’s responsibility that the provided personal information is correct, and that it is up to date.

Using the Membership Sign-up System

The personal information that the User submits through CRAVITON’s membership sign-up system will be kept as one’s registration record.

Management of Personal Information

CRAVITON works under the appropriate security measures to avoid misplacement, misuse and alteration of the personal information received. The personal information is kept in a secure environment, which general users cannot access.