A sweet sake with a refreshing aftertaste. Otokoyama Main Store
Fushimi Otokoyama, Authentically-Brewed 日本酒度:+5 ALC:15度

The umami of the rice can be tasted and the mouthfeel is soft flavor. This is a sweet sake with a refreshing aftertaste. Normal, cold, or warm, this sake can be in any kind of temperature. For this reason, it is an almighty sake, and can be enjoyed by arranging it with variety of meals. It is appropriate with the seafood from Kesennuma, Miyage, as well as being placed daily on the meal table. Because it is a sake where the umami of the rice can be tasted, foods like nikujaga and oden, as well as food that is arranged with meat or a more excellent choice: drink it with your daily meals.

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A type of sake with a mild mouth-feel, followed by a refreshing aftertaste. Otokoyama Main Store
Rikuzen Otokoyama, Special Junmai Sake 日本酒度:+1 ALC:15度

Uses the Hitomebore rice from Miyagi Prefecture. As you drink this sake, it brings out the umami taste of the rice. Because of this, it certainly blends well with food and pulls out the flavor of the food itself. Also, the sake refreshes the aftertaste so it can be enjoyed during meals. Seafood from Kesennuma, Miyagi, is mainly suitable with this sake. Other recommended foods include sautéed squid dish, or sautéed chicken. For a sake with a refreshing aftertaste and fitting during meals, you will have a good appetite, and certainly appropriate to be placed daily on the meal table.

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Traditional sake that is so delicious that even the kappa would come to steal it. Kamihei Sake Brewery
Tono Kappa’s Stolen Sake 日本酒度:+4 ALC:16.5度

Traditional sake that is so delicious that even the kappa (mythical water-dwelling creature) would come to steal it. A blossoming yet refreshing flavor that agrees very well with sashimi, such as scallops.

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Pure rice sake made by following the Japanese traditions of sake-making Tsunomine Sake Brewery
Shuse Bishamon Tennou 日本酒度:+5 ALC:15度

Shigizan Gyokuzo Temple's superintendent priest, Mitsugo Nozawa has directly signed and named this sake as Seishu Shuse Bishamonten, after he has given good faith and hope for its business prosperity. As a company, we sincerely hope that this sake with great meaning will bring good health, luck and prosperous future to our customers. Following the Japanese tradition of sake brewing, we have handpicked the rice, with no additives, and created this sake with acute attention.

FYI: Shigizan Temple is in Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun in Nara Prefecture, and is the head temple of Bishamontenou, created by the late Shotoku-Taishi.
(exert from Tsunomine Sake Brewery website)

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Sake from Tokushima Prefecture Tsunomine Sake Brewery
Awa Bijin 日本酒度:+5 ALC:15度

By using the Gifu Prefecture's "Hidahomare", it comes with a fresh taste Adachi Sake Brewery
Kinkazan Sokyu 日本酒度: ALC:

This is a pure rice ginjo sake using "Hidahomare", a rice from Gifu prefecture, specifically used for sake brewing. It has a fresh scent and taste, with a hint of sourness, which brings out the taste of different foods. You will never tire of this taste, and it is perfect for enjoying with seafood, or with meals that brings out the original taste of different vegetables.

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Limited amount! Recommending even those who do not enjoy Japanese sake. Takeuchi Brewery
Itteki Senzan, Junmai Raw Sake, TAKE1 日本酒度:-40 ALC:13度

[Limited Amount] Japanese sake negative 40 degrees, and an acidity of 2.5 making it a sweet-and-sour tasting Japanese sake. Because the percentage of alcohol is 13 and it’s a raw sake where fermentation was stopped, it is recommended for even people who are do not enjoy drinking Japanese sake.

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Warehouse in a body, the passion for “creating delicious sake”. Hatsumomiji
Junmai Daiginjo Harada [mail order product] 日本酒度: ALC:15度以上16度未満

This is a rich flavored sake that pulls out just enough of the umami taste from the rice.

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Received an honor prize from the Kanazawa Regional Bureau Uno Sake Brewery
Ichinotani Daiginjo sake "KAORU" 日本酒度:+4 ALC:17度

This sake brings a nice fresh scent, followed by a mild taste. It is a very fine Daiginjo sake made in the brewery's own distiller. This product was awarded with an honor prize from the Kanazawa Regional Taxation Bureau, being recognized as one of the best performed sake. You can enjoy this sake by chilling it down, or even in room temperature.

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A heartwarming scent, with an amber color Uno Sake Brewery
Kokoshu Daiginjo 日本酒度:+4.8 ALC:17度

Comes with a rich, firm taste after years of maturing. This sake was first stored back in 1992, during the cold season. The sake comes with less artificial colors, leaving it with an amber color. With this, it comes with a heartwarming scent, making it a one of a kind daiginjo sake.

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Utilizes the best technique to brew sake Funasaka Brewery Store
Daiginjo, Shinzankiku [mail order product] 日本酒度:ー ALC:ー

Utilizes the best technique to brew sake, and is a sake that is carefully fermented in low temperature.


Recommended to go well with Hida beef or any type of fatty meat Funasaka Brewery Store
Shinzankiku, Special Junmai 日本酒度:ー ALC:15.0度以上16.0度未満

The rice itself has a little sweet aroma. The charm of this Junami sake is that from a smooth flavor, it has a slight sharpness, and followed by a refreshing flavor of the good bitterness down the throat. Even though it is refreshing and has a tight, rich, and full flavor, the aftertaste is not very strong, and has a fresh feel. This sake goes good with wide range of foods, but when cooled the taste of the acidity becomes stronger, it is recommended to match with fatty meat such as Hida beef.


A sake that’s particular about the rich flavor and the bitterness Hachinohe Liquor, Hachitsuru Factory
Rich flavor with extremely bitter taste Junmai, Gou Sake [mail order product] 日本酒度:15度以上16度未満 ALC:+9

This is a sake that’s particular about the rich flavor and the bitterness. It is not just bitter, but a Junami sake that has the sweetness of the umami from the core of the rice and the bitter flavor is a very good balance. Even though it has an extreme bitter flavor it is not a disagreeable bitterness, but has a preeminent sharpness and richness. It is a sake that goes very well with sashimi (raw fish), or other Japanese food.

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Standing out as the limited original sake Hachinohe Liquor, Gonohe Factory
Ginsora, Junmai Ginjo Unfiltered Product [mail order product] 日本酒度:+3 ALC:17度以上18度未満

During a cold winter season, the sake that was just squeezed is put into a bottle as it is and sold. This sake stands out as the limited original sake. As it has the rich flavor that is unique to the unfiltered, you can taste the fully rich taste and the right sweetness in the sake. Sakura pot* and foods similar to that go very well with this sake.
*A hot pot dish where the beef (sakura meat) is eaten like a sukiyaki dish

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Firm yet refreshing taste kaishuichishuzo
Kaishuichi, Local Junmai Sake of Aizu [mail order product] 日本酒度:+1 ALC:15.5度

This sake has a firm yet refreshing taste.

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