Recommended to go well with Hida beef or any type of fatty meat Funasaka Brewery Store
Shinzankiku, Special Junmai 日本酒度:ー ALC:15.0度以上16.0度未満

The rice itself has a little sweet aroma. The charm of this Junami sake is that from a smooth flavor, it has a slight sharpness, and followed by a refreshing flavor of the good bitterness down the throat. Even though it is refreshing and has a tight, rich, and full flavor, the aftertaste is not very strong, and has a fresh feel. This sake goes good with wide range of foods, but when cooled the taste of the acidity becomes stronger, it is recommended to match with fatty meat such as Hida beef.


A sake that’s particular about the rich flavor and the bitterness Hachinohe Liquor, Hachitsuru Factory
Rich flavor with extremely bitter taste Junmai, Gou Sake [mail order product] 日本酒度:15度以上16度未満 ALC:+9

This is a sake that’s particular about the rich flavor and the bitterness. It is not just bitter, but a Junami sake that has the sweetness of the umami from the core of the rice and the bitter flavor is a very good balance. Even though it has an extreme bitter flavor it is not a disagreeable bitterness, but has a preeminent sharpness and richness. It is a sake that goes very well with sashimi (raw fish), or other Japanese food.

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Standing out as the limited original sake Hachinohe Liquor, Gonohe Factory
Ginsora, Junmai Ginjo Unfiltered Product [mail order product] 日本酒度:+3 ALC:17度以上18度未満

During a cold winter season, the sake that was just squeezed is put into a bottle as it is and sold. This sake stands out as the limited original sake. As it has the rich flavor that is unique to the unfiltered, you can taste the fully rich taste and the right sweetness in the sake. Sakura pot* and foods similar to that go very well with this sake.
*A hot pot dish where the beef (sakura meat) is eaten like a sukiyaki dish

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Firm yet refreshing taste kaishuichishuzo
Kaishuichi, Local Junmai Sake of Aizu [mail order product] 日本酒度:+1 ALC:15.5度

This sake has a firm yet refreshing taste.

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A sake that won gold medal in the prefecture award ceremony kaishuichishuzo
Kaishuichi, Junmai Ginjo Sake [mail order product] 日本酒度:15.5度 ALC:+3

This sake was awarded gold medal in the prefecture. Brewed with the combination of Miyama nishiki and Kokobo, it has a refreshing aroma and a firm bitter taste. It is a sake with a sense of stability and a level of elegant taste.

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Junami Daigijo sake, where the makers were particular with the Ehime rice, the water, and the people Yagi Brewery Section
Yamani Masamune, Junmai Daigijo, Matsuyama Mitsui [mail order product] 日本酒度:+4 ALC:16度

The Junami Daigijo sake; where the makers were particular about the Ehime rice, the water, and the people. It has a refreshing, elegant flavor with the blossoming aroma of the Daigijo. It fits in with any type of food and it aims to become an “Orthodox up a notch”.

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The traditional chief sake brewer Oichi and their confident product of the Yamani Masamune Yagi Brewery Section
Yamani Masamune, Daigijo Sake [mail order product] 日本酒度:+5 ALC:15度

The greatest Yamada Nishiki polished to 35%; the traditional chief sake brewer Oichi and their confident product of the Yamani Masamune. The fruity and plump aroma of the Ginjo, and the umami of the rice gradually spreads around. Because it has a refreshing bitter taste and a strong aroma, it goes very well with Japanese cuisine as well as French cuisine.


A popular sake with a crisp taste Ootani Tadayoshi Head Office
Byakuyou Touryuu 日本酒度:+4 ALC:16度

You can enjoy this sake with ice or by simply warming it up.

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With a crisp, yet mild taste. Fits perfectly with grilled fish. Ootani Tadayoshi Head Office
Byakuyou pure rice sake 日本酒度:+4 ALC:15度

Brings with a nice, firm taste. Hasegawa Sake Brewery
Sekkobai Isshin 日本酒度:+5 ALC:15度

The original taste of the rice is condensed in this sake, bringing out a rich taste, making it a hallmark for a 'pure rice sake'. The firm grip you feel when you drink leaves an impression for everyone.

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A dry Junmai Daigijo with an impressive dignified scent Hasegawa Brewery
Echigo Yuki Kobai, Junmai Daigijo, [mail order product] 日本酒度:+5 ALC:16度

One taste and the fine quality of the umami spread around the mouth. Although it is mellow, it brews the elegant aroma with flavor of dignity. A dry Junmai Daigijo with an impressive dignified scent.

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A sake that celebrates happiness, prosperity, and to a long life Hasegawa Sake Brewery
Echigo Bekkoubai Daiginjo Ki-fuku-roku-ju 日本酒度:+3 ALC:17度

The best of sake rice "Yamada Nishiki" is polished up to 40%, and is distilled in a low temperature. With a nice sensitive Ginjo scent, it brings out a nice, somewhat heartwarming taste. This sake is usually chosen as a gift that brings luck, as it represents happiness, prosperity, and celebrates long-life. It is one of the products that the brewery is proud of.

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An all handmade Daiginjo sake Tago Main Sake Brewery
Kamoitsuha Daiginjo sake 日本酒度:+5 ALC:16度

An all handmade Daiginjo sake. With a fruity aroma, there comes a nice, luxurious taste

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The rice used in this sake all comes from the Gonyaku Manseki, made in Tsunan, Niigata Tsunan Sake Brewery
日本酒度:+4 ALC:15~16度

Perfect for those cuisines where you can enjoy the natural taste of materials Tsunan Sake Brewery
Ginjo Sake Yukiguni Monogatari 日本酒度:+2 ALC:15~16度

Comes with a fresh Ginjo aroma, the perfect acidity, and goes down with a fresh aftertaste. It has a slightly spicy taste.

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